Dental Aesthetics

You only have one chance to cause a good first smile.

Your first smile will open doors, help you in your social and personal relationships.
Correction of irregular, stained or discolored teeth. New teeth of proven hardness and resistance. Biocompatible with the gum. Translucent and without black lines. Impossible to distinguish them from your real teeth and without metal that cause allergies. Instant whitening of various shades.

Estética dental

Tu primera sonrisa te abrirá puertas, te ayudará en tus relaciones sociales y personales.

  • Corrección de dientes irregulares, manchados o descoloridos.
  • Dientes nuevos de probada dureza y resistencia.
  • Biocompatibles con la encía.
  • Translúcidos y sin líneas negras.
  • Imposible distinguirlos de tus dientes reales y sin metal que provoquen alergias.
  • Blanqueamiento instantáneo de varios tonos.

Stela went to Peyri asking for help, she suffered great pain, sensitivity, bad breath and a very improvable aspect.
To patients with phobia, anxiety or panic to the dentist we performed the treatments with conscious sedation, in the case of Stela we solved it in a few sessions.

Stela has changed her life, now she smiles painlessly she has regained her self-confidence.

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