Elimination of Snoring and Apnea

Snoring is a sleep disturbance, which consists of a characteristic sound that occurs when the air passes and vibrates through a narrowed throat that limits its passage. This annoying noise that clouds many conjugal relationships, is suffered by 45% of the population.

The snoring goes from anecdotal to problematic when the narrowing is so intense that there is a partial stoppage in the flow of the air we breathe. We call this phenomenon APNEA. That is, we are left without breathing. At this moment the disease begins.

Uncontrolled APNEA is responsible for many problems: lack of rest, fatigue, daytime numbness, headache, increased blood pressure, risk of heart attack and cerebral vascular accidents (embolisms), and therefore sudden death.

Today we know that there are different degrees of obstructive sleep apnea. Most have an easy solution. We will do the necessary diagnostic tests for your case, we will improve your habits and we will help you to have a happy rest.

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