Immediate loading implants

Twenty years of experience in dental implantology

Implantology of immediate load and, virtual guided implantology.

Dental implants have been recognized for more than 50 years, is the most successful and reliable method of tooth replacement, developed and used until now. They act as close as their own tooth. They are manufactured with biocompatible materials, enriched titanium, in Peyrí we guarantee them.

Implantes carga inmediata

La implantologia bucal de carga inmediata consiste en la realización de implantes en una sola intervención.

  • Sin dolor y en un solo día te devolvemos la sonrisa.
  • Realizamos la intervención con sedación consciente y sin dolor.
  • Incorporación inmediata a la vida laboral y social.
  • Somos especialistas más de 20 años en implantologia de carga inmediata nos avalan.
  • El tratamiento se completa en una sola sesión

Fausti underwent an immediate load treatment with conscious sedation and fixed temporary screwed.

Post-intervention after twenty-four hours the patient has spent a quiet night without pain recovering her social life and enjoys fixed teeth with a new and safe smile.

Fausti is given a fixed zirconium prosthesis that gives him the sensation of his own tooth and safety recovering the health and beauty of his youth. Being able to enjoy fruits and vegetables that for years I could not chew.

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