The Prosthodontics or dental prosthesis is the art and science of restoring the functions of the masticatory system that have been lost or impaired by certain factors, degenerative, traumas, chemotherapy treatments and a long etc.

Our objective is to return the patient, his masticatory function, at the same time as restoring his dental aesthetics. With this we achieve to improve the psychosocial function and the well-being of our patients.


Nuestro objetivo es devolver al paciente, en el mayor grado posible:

  • Su función masticatoria.
  • Restaurar su estética dental.

Mejorar la función psicosocial de las personas, es un aspecto fundamental para el bienestar de nuestros pacientes.

Natalia went to Peyrí Dental Clinic with loss of parts and occlusal wear caused by bruxism.

Dental hygiene, we remove stains, tartar, cavities and misplaced porcelain metal bridges. Zirconium covers were placed free of metal and biocompatible, gaining in function and aesthetics.

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